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russian volume eyelash extensions

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

In Eyelash Extensions we can Lengthen- Curl/Shape- Thicken, but… We are limited to the number of natural lashes and… if one eye has fewer lashes, we have to limit the number of lashes on the fuller eye to create balance. Even with these limitations, the possibilities to create longer, more perfectly separated and curly lashes are wonderful. No lash lift, tint, mascara can deliver what eyelash extensions can.

Never overload the natural lashes and always make sure that there is a clean separation of the lashes so that we never inhibit the growth of the natural eyelashes. We must always remember these two points and never jeopardize the health of our customers. Always work within the guidelines of health and hygiene and always strive to be the best.

Each extension is separated and not attached to a neighboring lash.

Lashing is a skill that needs to be practiced and experienced, eyelash technicians are not born overnight-it takes time, practice, patience and determination.

A training class to learn classic and volume lashing is extremely beneficial. Learning proper techniques from the beginning can make you save a lot of time and money at the end. Volume lashing is an advanced skill and only those should learn volume lashing (2D-7D), who have mastered the classic technique (one extension to one natural lash).

If you would enjoy being trained in either of these techniques, learn more about our training classes here: http://divalookacademy.com

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