russian volume eyelash extensions

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

In Eyelash Extensions we can Lengthen- Curl/Shape- Thicken, but… We are limited to the number of natural lashes and… if one eye has fewer lashes, we have to limit the number of lashes on the fuller eye to create balance. Even with these limitations, the possibilities to create longer, more perfectly separated and curly lashes are wonderful. No lash lift, tint, mascara can deliver what eyelash extensions can.

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Pre- Microblading Rules

The following conditions shouldn’t be worked on:

• Skin irritations, eczema or psoriasis near the treated area (rashes, sunburn, acne, etc.)
• HIV or Hepatitis
• Pregnant or Nursing
• Persons on Chemotherapy(consult your doctor)
• Suffer From Epilepsy
• Major Heart Problems


• Botox 2 weeks prior to the workshop.
• Electrolysis 5 days before the procedure.
• Waxing, tweezing, or tinting 3 days before the procedure.
• Ibuprofen, alcohol or caffeine on the day of the procedure.

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Aftercare instructions for microblading

Aftercare instructions for microblading

Check out the best microblading aftercare page

Microblading has proven itself to be one of the hottest semi-permanent make-up trends, popular with clients for its natural-looking, long-lasting results. Beauty technicians are choosing to train in microblading to provide a wide range of high-quality services and attract more clients, who may already be asking about this sought-after procedure.

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